Blue Card – Game Day Behaviours

Blue Card Reporting

The Central Conference will implement a new ‘Blue Card’ game day behavioural reporting system.

After each game, our MC umpires or MDO’s will rate the Coaches Box behaviour and Spectator Behaviour either as Excellent, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. (i.e. one two or three stars)   Any Coaches Box or Spectator Behaviour classed as ‘unsatisfactory’ will warrant a Blue Card for each offence.
The Central Conference will deduct 1x E-Point, if a team receives 2x Blue Cards in a game:

  • Unsatisfactory Coaches Box Behaviour = Blue Card
  • Unsatisfactory Spectator Behaviour = Blue Card

WAFC MC Competition Administration will inform Club Presidents during the week if they received a Blue Card for their Game Day Environment.

E-Point Updates 

Key updates in relation to E-Points are as follows: 

  • 1x Blue Card = MC Warning 
  • 2x Blue Cards = -1x E-Point 
  • 1x Yellow Card = -1x E-Point 
  • 2x Yellow Cards = -2x E-Points 
  • 1x Red Card = -2x E-Points 
  • 2x Red Cards = -4X E-Points 
  • Melee = -4x E-Points 

Spectator & Match Offical Warnings 
The WAFC Metro Central promote a positive game day environment in accordance with the Spirit of the Game (By-Law 1) and the True Sport Code of Conduct’s. Should a spectator or match official behave in a manner which breaches their respective Code of Conduct, the Umpires will be permitted to do the following: 
1.) Stop the game by blowing the whistle. 
2.) Approach the spectator/official’s respective club’s dugout and advise the Team Manager of the details of the breach. 
3.) The Umpire will indicate the spectator/ match official to the Team Manager. 

The Umpire will advise the following to the Team Manager. 
“This is an official spectator/match official warning. Should there be any further Codes of Conduct breaches, it will result in a report to the WAFC Competition Administration.  

4.) The Umpire will advise the players of the reasons for the official spectator/match official warning. 
5.) Play will resume at the last act of play with a ball up. 
6.) Should the spectator /official in question or another cause any further breaches, the game will be stopped by a blow of the whistle. 
7.) The Umpire will approach the spectator’s respective dugout and advise the Team Manager of the secondary breach. 
8.) The Umpire will indicate the spectator to the Team Manager or Club Official. 
9.) A free kick and 50 metre penalty will be awarded against the offending team. 
10.) The matter will be entered on the match day report for the attention of the WAFC Competition Administration. 

Breaches may be contrary to any of the following codes of conduct: 

  • True Sport Administrator & Volunteers Code of Conduct 
  • True Sport Coaches Code of Conduct 
  • True Sport Parent & Spectators Code of Conduct 
  • True Sport Players Code of Conduct 
  • True Sport Runners Code of Conduct 
  • True Sport Umpires Code of Conduct 
Please Note: 

With respect to the E Point system, final consideration on the loss of E Point/s will be made by the Metro Central Competition Administration, after considering the match report documentation and any other matters. 

The Metro Central Administration make no apologies for taking a tough stance in our ‘zero tolerance’ policy towards unsatisfactory game day behaviour as we strive to provide the ultimate in game day environment.    The system deters players coaches and parents from engaging in negative game day behaviour. The E point model will apply to all youth competitions. 

WAFC Match Day Official 

A warning may be issued immediately or at the next quarter break by a WAFC Match Day official or authorised umpire official who deems off-field behaviour to be unacceptable. The WAFC match day official is to report the breach to both team managers. 

Behaviour may be deemed unacceptable if the WAFC match day official considers it inappropriate, offensive, aggressive, unpleasant, threatening or not in the spirit of the game.    Breaches may be contrary to any of the True Sport Codes of Conduct. 

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